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About Alaskan Star Fishing Rentals

Alaskan Star Fishing Rentals was conceived after James Embry visited Alaska several years ago. There were too many choices of where to set foot, but his friend suggested he visit Prince of Wales Island, ALaska. After viewing a detailed map, he was hooked!

Prince of Wales is a fine example of Alaska’s last frontier hosting friendly people living in small communities. There are plenty of places to hike, explore and camp, but for his purposes, this place is ALL ABOUT THE FISHING. The region hosts about 100 streams and many old logging roads (excellent fishing access). These streams are the productive nurseries which provide the food source for prize King Salmon that live in the waters off shore, all year long. Aside from the numerous islands and estuaries that surround Prince of Wales, there are over 900 miles of shoreline on the island itself. James love to fish and Prince of Wales is truly is an amazing place.

After his visit, he established a comfortable place in the Town of Coffman Cove. The faces are friendly and familiar and he enjoy taking part in community events. Part of the rental options now include the boat he keeps in Prince of Wales year round, the Outlaw Rafts, ALL necessary fishing gear he has acquired and use of a rustic cabin that can sleep up 6 people (or real close friends, up to 8). James designed a company equipped to have you see and fish Alaska without stress over cost.
Affordable means Enjoyable!