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Salmon Fishing Alaska

Steelhead Fly Fishing AlaskaA river fisherman's dream awaits on Prince of Wales Island - Experience Salmon Fishing Alaska style! Four species of salmon spawn in these pristine waters. Dolly Varden, Sea Run Cutthroat and Steelhead round out the fighting four. Fly fishermen will wade over two dozen rivers looking to test their skill and gear with everything from acrobatic Silver Salmon to Brutish Dog Salmon. These salmon will achieve spooling runs that incite huge “whoo-hoos!”

Whether you are spinning or fly fishing, all who go are sure to want “just one more cast.”


School of Alaska Fish

Guided fly fishing trips are the fastest way to the best fishing grounds. Customized guided fly trips are available to novices and pros, for anyone or group. We will get you to the fish!

Fly fisherman will need their own gear; however, a bench and materials are available for those wanting to perfect a fly!

Don't forget the lakes! Incredible!